Farm Chores For Kids By Age
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Age-Appropriate Farm Chores For Kids

Today we’re talking about age-appropriate farm chores for kids. Although little, having extra hands helping with homesteading chores is such a blessing for both you and them.

We strongly believe it is beneficial for our children to participate in all of the work that goes into our homestead.

Not only does it teach them responsibility and respect, there is nothing better than the pride on their faces when they accomplish a hard task or learn a new skill.

We do not pay our children to chore. If they want to sit down and eat a hot meal at the end of the day that our beautiful farm provided for us, they need to participate in the workload.

We do chores together each evening. There are a few household chores they are expected to complete weekly, but every evening, everyone heads outside to complete chores. This allows us to have family time, and keep the kids safe and supervised.

Kids will do the darndest things if you’re not supervising as well as you should be, for instance jumping knee-deep into a pile of cow manure, or licking a metal fence in 20-degree weather and getting stuck. Ha! Ask me how I know!

Let me tell you, life with four boys is always entertaining and full of excitement.

Please keep in mind these are just general age guidelines for farm chores for kids. Some kids may be ready to do things sooner or later than others. These can greatly depend on their body size, strength, and general maturity.

To prepare them for driving equipment as they age, we also sign our kids up for tractor maintenance through 4-H in third grade and continue that to get them ready to be responsible with farm equipment. The program starts them off learning how to maintain and drive ride-on mowers and gradually moves them up to tractors. If your kids don’t participate in 4-H they should! They provide so many neat programs for our kids interested in farming.

Sorry! Shameless 4-H plug because we love it so much!

Also, make sure you set your kids up for success with chores by providing the right tools. Small buckets, chore gloves, muck boots, ect. Will make their jobs a lot more enjoyable!

Here are the farm chores we expect our children to help with by age. We currently have kiddos ages three through ten and let me tell you it is such a blessing to have them lessening our workload while learning such valuable life skills!

One to Three

  • Push their trucks and tractors around
  • Feed the cat
  • Follow mom and dad, “helping”
  • Play in the garden
  • Anything you can do to make farming fun and exciting for these little ones!
Farm Chores For Kids By Age
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Four To Six

  • All of the above plus…
  • Carry small feed buckets
  • Fill Stock Tanks
  • Open and Close Gates
  • Collect Eggs
  • Help Plant Garden
  • Take out compost

Seven To Eight

  • All of the above plus…
  • Help muck Stalls
  • Empty Stock Tanks For Cleaning
  • Feed and Water smaller animals
  • Help Weed the Garden
  • Raise 4-H Feeder Steer with Help
Farm Chores For Kids By Age
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Nine To Eleven

  • All of the above plus…
  • Mow The Yard
  • Weed Wack
  • Carry Hay Bales
  • Muck Stalls
  • Carry Full Feed Buckets
  • Clean Stock Tanks
  • Help Harvest the Garden
  • Milk Animals
  • Bathing Animals
  • Raise 4-H Feeder Steer

Twelve Plus

  • All of the above plus…
  • Drive Farm Equipment
  • Help Make Hay and Straw
  • Help Harvest
  • Unload Feed Bags
  • Throw Hay Down From Mow
  • Help Load/Unload animals
  • Till The Garden

I hope this post gives you some ideas on how to encourage your kids to help out around the homestead! It’s not unusual for a child to get frustrated with a job or give you a little push back. As hard as it may be, this is part of the learning and life lessons this beautiful farm life is teaching these young kids. Give some words of encouragement, but step back and watch them work through it! It really is an amazing thing!

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