Hot Toddy Cold Remedy
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Hot Toddy Cold Remedy

October has come and gone and I’m officially recovering from my first cold, which means soothing my symptoms with my favorite hot toddy cold remedy!

As much as I love the changing colors of the leaves, the fun fall decorations, and family outings, I despise the beginning of cold and flu season.

It never fails, one kid comes home with the sniffles which soon turns into full blown fever and coughing and next thing you know it’s swept through the entire house. By time I’ve nursed everyone back to health I find myself buried under my own mountain of dirty tissues and cold medicine.

We all know moms can’t get sick. There’s no time for that! I usually cover my symptoms with Advil Cold & Flu (seriously amazing stuff!) to keep me functional¬†throughout the day and then wind down and take a break from the meds using a hot toddy to calm my symptoms and let me get a bit of rest.

Are you ready for it? Here we go!

Hot Toddy Cold Remedy Recipe

I use whatever I’ve got on hand, because seriously no one wants to run to the store sick, and sharing these gross germs with the public is a no go.

  1. Lemon Ginger Tea
  2. Real Honey (keep local on hand if you can!)
  3. Lemon juice (if you’ve got real lemons even better!)
  4. Whiskey or Bourbon

Super simple! I start out by making a cup of lemon ginger tea. I always keep some on hand. It’s great for upset stomachs and is said to be anti-viral.

Next add a spoonful of honey, a splash or squeeze of lemon, and a bit of bourbon to your taste. Stir it all up. Breath in the warm steam while it cools and sit back and relax.

You will literally feel your body heat up as you enjoy it. My congestion usually starts draining and the relaxing buzz of the bourbon help with the headache.

Get some rest and feel better!

*** Don’t mix alcohol with cold medicine!!

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