How To Clean Old, Stained Porcelain​ Sink
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How To Clean Old, Stained Porcelain​ Sink

In our old farm house, we are the proud owners of an untouched 1950’s kitchen. Yellow countertops and all.

The only upside to this is the beautiful old, yet stained porcelain sink I have the pleasure of hand washing all of our dishes in.

This might sound like sarcasm, but I’m not kidding. The view from the huge window above our sink is like nothing else. Overlooking our garden and orchards, daily I stand at that sink with my hands in the warm sudsy water counting my blessings.

View from my farmhouse sink
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The sink is quite beautiful but stains very easily. We spent the entire weekend steaming Concord grapes into grape juice and at the end of the weekend, our stained porcelain sink was due for a scrub down.

How To Clean Old, Stained Porcelain​ Sink
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Porcelain sinks can be quite fragile and you want to avoid using traditional cleaners on them. I’ve tried a few methods but my favorite method to whiten the stains is a two-step process of baking soda and Bar Keepers Friend.

products used to Clean Old, Stained Porcelain​ Sink
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Baking soda is a great way to gently remove the top layer of crud, but the real magic happens when you apply the Bar Keepers Friend.

I found my love for it in my childhood home where there was so much iron in the water anything white immediately changed to orange when the water hit it. This stuff magically removes all of it. I’ve tried their other versions and the powdered cans is the only way to go.

Even though these are both gentle cleaners you’ll want to wear cleaning gloves to protect your hands.

Wet the surface of the sink and your sponge and sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda onto your stained sink. You’ll want to start gently scrubbing in small circles creating a paste. Once the entire surface is covered let sit for a minute or two. Scrub again and then rinse away.

If your sink isn’t that dirty baking soda may be enough to restore your porcelain sink. However if coffee and food stains still remain, repeat this step with the Bar Keepers friend.

As you rinse away you’ll see the stains disappear before your eyes!

How To Clean Old, Stained Porcelain​ Sink
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I love the look of a freshly cleaned white porcelain sink.

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