Kids Reusable cups
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Kids Reusable Cups- Large Family Solutions

On my endless quest to reduce my daily workload, I went on the search for kids reusable cups.

I wanted something they could easily wash and reuse, eliminating the massive stack of drinking cups piled up in the sink at the end of the day, waiting to be hand washed by yours truly.

I decided if I hung some small hooks on the kitchen wall I could hang enamel mugs on them for each of the kids. My thought was enamel is more durable than glass but also not as bad for them as something plastic. The handle makes for an added bonus, less spills!

*For the record our three year old has managed to chip the bottom of his from winging it into our cast iron sink, however they are all holding up exceptionally well!

I also wanted them to be personalized so each kid knew exactly which cup belonged to them. The less arguments and confusion around here the better.

I of course went straight to Etsy. Found something adorable, went to check out and gasped when my cart read $100. No way I was going to pay that, even though they were great!

So alas this is what we ended up with. Still great and at a much more reasonable price!

Kids reusable cups
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I was lucky enough to find a four-pack of enamel mugs on Amazon! Perfect for our herd of four boys.

I love that each came in a different color, add to that a vinyl initial and we have the perfect system! (*They have held up well to hand washing, I’m not sure how they would do in a dishwasher)

With some simple hooks, placed within the children’s reach they now each have access to their own drinking glass. No more climbing on the counters for a cup and no more tossing them in the sink for a new one.

They are encouraged to rinse them out after every use and hang them back up. At the end of the day when I’m washing dishes, I’ll grab them and give them a good scrub.

This has decreased my time spent standing at the kitchen sink and has stopped arguments over glasses. This also allows me to know exactly who left their drink lay and made them more accountable.

Kids Reusable Cups
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I’m a firm believer in simplifying and having the kids pitch in. There is no way I can keep a house of six running without a bit of help.

I hope this idea for kids reusable cups simplifies your life a bit! We can all use a bit of simple!

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