storing canning jar lids and rings
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Storing Canning Jar Lids And Rings

Today I’m working on getting organized by storing canning jar lids and rings.

It’s fall here on the farm and I am in full canning mode!

I am an organizer by heart, and the random stashes of canning supplies we had piling up between the basement, garage, and kitchen was starting to drive me a bit batty.

We not only have a bunch of antique canning supplies taking up a whole shelf in the basement, when I moved in I brought all of my jars, along with the massive amounts he had collected over the years. Not to mention his mother keeps urging us to take all of her old jars home. (You bet I will as soon as I make the space!)

I needed to get a handle on this.

Most of our canning supplies are stored in the basement. Our house is very very old, so the basement is a bit grimy but makes the perfect storage for things we don’t use very often. We have two large shelving units in the basement.

Storing Canning Jars Lids and Rings
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One shelf is filled to the brim with newer jars I use to can with, plus some older canned food without dates that we are slowly disposing of.

All of my new canned food is dated and stored up in our pantry for the time being.

Storing Canning Jars Lids and Rings
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The second shelving unit is full of the vintage jars that came with the house.

I plan on washing and organizing them this winter. I bring some up here and there for decorating, I just absolutely love the old blue jars! And to think someone in this very house was using these jars to preserve food from the farm just gives me all of the feels.

Storing Canning Jars Lids and Rings
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So on to my point here. I decided to gather all of my canning supplies. Mostly canning jar seals and rings, but also the specialty products I use when canning, like the jar tongs, funnels, and labels.

For storing the canning jar lids and rings I separated them into three bins. One for regular mouth supplies, one for wide mouth supplies, and the last for the utensils and extras.

Our basement is quite humid. I decided to use plastic to keep the moisture out of the supplies. My hopes is that this will keep the rings from rusting.

I designed some cute labels and taped them to the inside of the containers.

Storing Canning Jars Lids and Rings
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Feel free to print them out and use them for yourself!

Free Printable!

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